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Picnic Companies around the world by The Park Catalog

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Will A Catered Dinner On A Picnic Table Instead Of A Dining Room Table Be The Next Big Thing In Park Recreation?

Catering has become a popular concept for corporate events, graduation parties, family reunions – and now you can order a catered meal on a picnic table or a blanket in your favorite park.

Catered picnic services are popping up in some of the most iconic parks and cities across the world.

You can enjoy a gourmet meal packed on a picnic table with all the essentials delivered to a spot of your choosing in locations such as Central Park in New York City, London, Paris, and Sydney, Australia.

Gourmet food delivered to you in some of the most beautiful locations in the world isn’t cheap though – most catered picnic services charge a premium for the convenience and charm of having a hand-delivered picnic.

The convenience is worth the cost, though. In many instances, the picnic will be brought to you in your chosen spot complete with everything you need for the meal. And when you’re done, clean-up is as simple as walking away. Many of the services clear the picnic tables or collect the blankets, baskets, etc. and you’re free to go on your way!

The simplicity and convenience make it a great choice for tourists and locals alike.

A catered picnic table around the world

Standard picnic fare varies somewhat in locations around the world, but one thing that all catered picnic services seem to offer is an upscale twist on the traditional items found in your picnic basket.

Some menus are simpler than others, and in some locations, there are many different catered picnic services that each offer unique options and experiences.

Here’s a look at what a catered picnic looks like in some of the most popular places where this trend is popping up.

Paris: A catered picnic in Paris may cost anywhere from $189 (US dollars) to more than $475 for the ultimate in fine French cuisine, place settings, and champagne.

But is anything more than romantic than the thought of sitting under the shadow of the Eiffel tower eating a freshly baked baguette with fine French wine?

It’s hard to beat.

Of course, London, Sydney, and New York all have their own scenic spots and perfect picnic options, too.

London: If you’re looking for a picnic that channels British charm and is quintessentially English, down to the Scotch eggs and finger sandwiches, then hop over to the other side of the pond.

A London picnic experience from Pique can be customized to suit all sorts of tastes and menu preferences. You can have your picnic delivered to a scenic London location, and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun, and maybe even cricket.

Prices for a ‘hamper package’ range from $40 (US dollars) for vegetarian fare to about $100 for a selection of finger sandwiches and other accompaniments. If you’re looking to feed a group of 10, select the $550 hamper package to feast on sticky quail legs, venison sausage roll bites, and sloe gin.

And if you want to head down under for a catered picnic….

Sydney: To picnic like an Aussie, head to the city center of Sydney and have a picnic delivered to your special spot.

The catered picnic concept has really taken off in the city, with a number of different services offering picnic baskets.

For instance, Pop Up Picnic offers catered picnic service for individuals, pairs, groups, and special events. The menus are filled with tantalizing treats, and the company has a cute cardboard picnic table hamper that makes al fresco dining simple and easy.

Picnics for pairs from the popular Sydney catering service start at about $130 (US dollars) and you can go all out with a romantic proposal picnic (complete with a butler!) for just over $375.

Prawns, creamy brie, and freshly-shucked oysters are among the fancy fare you’ll enjoy in a picnic down under!

Closer to home, consider a catered picnic in Central Park.

New York City: One of the most popular urban parks in the world, Central Park plays hosts to thousands of picnics a year.

Enterprising catering companies are cashing in on the concept with curated picnics, delivered straight to Central Park.

UPicnic is making the catered picnic concept an easy and affordable option for date night, lazy Saturday afternoons, or Sunday Funday.

The company’s delivered picnic services have a base charge of $10 for the basket and blanket, then you select the food from their rather extensive menu.

For even more fun, the company offers lawn games, tech gadgets, sports gear – and even live music performers available by the hour.

“Picnics are the new reality where everyone can feel, breathe and be part of nature,” said co-founder Alp Behar. “Upicnic creates a unique picnic experience where people can spend time dining with a friend, colleague or family member and throw some Frisbees to each other. Being in nature can be hassle-free and enjoyable.”

Essentially, think of this company as the ultimate mix-and-match service to create your perfect outdoor New York picnic experience.

upicnic basket

Picnic basket provided by Upicnic, a catered picnic company based in New York City.

Curate your own picnic package

What if you don’t live in New York, Sydney, Paris, or London? Short of taking a trip to experience a catered picnic, you might be limited on options to enjoy this unique dining experience in your local park on a picnic table or blanket.

But not to worry, you can still recreate the experience with just a little bit of advance preparation.

Start by choosing your picnic location. Are there picnic tables available or will you need to bring a blanket and dine under the canopy of a shade tree?

Note: It is becoming more and more difficult to find a picnic table early in the day at many parks. So either, plan to get there early to grab a picnic table, or plan an event later in the day when a picnic table is more likely to be available.

Check with your local parks department to see if you can reserve a picnic table. Many times you can do this for larger groups.

What’s the best time of day to enjoy the sights and sounds of the nature around you?

Plan ahead to make sure you know where and when you’ll have your perfect picnic.

Next, put together your ultimate picnic package. The great thing about creating your own curated picnic is that you can customize it to your exact preferences.

Dairy intolerant? No problem. Gluten-free? Skip the baguette. Have a sweet tooth? Pack extra cookies!

Take into consideration the types of foods you (and your guests, if you’ll be dining with a friend or two) enjoy the most and build around that.

Finger foods are easy since they don’t require a balancing act of plates and silverware. But if you do opt for something that requires a fork and knife, bring disposable versions or pack an empty bag to store used cutlery in at the end of your meal.

Don’t forget drinks, since you’ll want a tall glass of lemonade or iced tea to wash down your meal. Water is also an excellent choice since it will keep you hydrated even on the sunniest of days.

Bring the essentials. Pack everything in a true picnic basket if you want to go the traditional route, or load up a cooler if you’re looking for something convenient to keep foods on ice.

Bring along some entertainment, whether that is a football or soccer ball, a guitar, or your favorite on-the-go game.

And don’t forget to smile.

Relax, have some fun, and enjoy the simple pleasure of a catered meal on a picnic table in a park, with the decor supplied by Mother Nature herself.

Original of this article is published in The Park Catalog.

picnic table by lake

Catered picnic by a lake


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