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At Upicnic we specialize in providing everything for epic picnic events: from mouthwatering food, to exciting lawn games, to a wide array of picnic essentials (think sunscreen, cell phone battery packs, wireless speakers) and even live entertainment. Once you are done having fun, we also come and pick up all the gear you rented (baskets, blankets, games, etc), so you never have to haul anything around.


Delivery is free to all locations in Central Park.

Minimum group size is 35 people. 


We’ve organized big & medium picnic events for a number of schools, companies and organizations around New York City, everywhere from Central Park, Prospect Park and Corona Park to pretty much every Pier up and down the Hudson. For some of them, we’ve helped structure company picnics complete with corhole, Kan Jam, and soccer tournaments; for others, we’ve simply provided baskets, blankets and a whole lot of food and drinks.


What's even better? We offer discounts for large groups, as well as incentive programs for hotels and travel professionals.




Looking to spice up your next networking or corporate event? At Upicnic, we dared to dream of a better format that would allow people to authentically get to know each other and break through the orchestrated, artificial barriers that plague now-a-days corporate events.

Wondering why our networking picnics are so much better than traditional networking events? Simply put, they offer a better format, better food, better entertainment, a better setting, and better attire options than boring traditional mixers.





We believe in family and friends, and in spending time together with those we love. It’s hard to make memories over a status update, but conversations around good food are rarely forgotten - especially when the setting involves fresh air, comfy grass and sunsets over the Manhattan skyline.

Looking for birthday party ideas for kids? We got you covered – browse our kids menu, add fun games to keep them busy, and even book a side of musical education.

Birthday are not just for kids - and we deliver everything you might need to make any event an official partaaay: balloons, Bluetooth speakers, flowers, cakes & cupcakes, and even party hats! And if you want to turn your event into a family photo shoot, we can even arrange for a photographer to make your memories even more memorable.





There’s always something going on in New York – so many events happening in the city and its parks every week. Whether you want to watch a movie under the stars in Bryant Park, or see Shakespeare in the Park, or go to Summer Stage, or watch the 4th of July fireworks from Riverside Park, we run specials every week!

The best way to stay in the know is to subscribe to our Picnic & Chill Guide, a weekly update on everything going on in the Big Apple, plus spotlights on the best picnic spots and special offers.




If you are looking for graduation and school party ideas that won’t break the bank and will make amazing memories, you’ve come to the right place. Picnics make for fun, relaxing, informal and absolutely memorable events. And not to brag, but Upicnic is the unchallenged master at organizing graduation and school picnics that pass down in history. Why? Because we deliver it all to you: delicious finger food, fun games, memorable desserts, party decorations, and even a professional photographer.

You can’t ask for a better venue than Central Park (or Riverside Park, or any New York City Park, really), anywhere you set up you will have plenty of space, breathtaking views and gorgeous settings for graduation pictures. Plus, parks are easy to get to, don’t need reservations, and can accommodate any number of guests.




A picnic in the park is the ultimate New York experience – we offer themed baskets that showcase typical New York food, plus deliver and pick up all the gear you need to make the meal a super-instagrammable one.

We love to work with concierges, tour operators and travel professionals – and yes, we offer discounts for large groups, as well as incentive programs for hotels and travel professionals.

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