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Boozy Party Treats - Spoonable Spirits
Boozy Party Treats - Spoonable Spirits
$ 30
Boozy Party Treats - Spoonable Spirits


Fresh and delicious boozy puddings and jellies served in festive mini mason jars. Made fresh and delicious in NYC!

Rosé Your Boat Jello Shot: In the summer we drink pink like it's our job — so change it up and start spoonin' it! These rosé wine jelly shots are absolutely glorious for a sunny day and warm night -- and since it's bathing suit season, we should mention LOW CAL!
Spiked Cake Shake Pudding Shot: party like it’s yo’ birthday with this spiked cake milkshake flavored pudding shot with lots of sprinkles on the side.
Spicy Grapefruit Margarita Jello Shot: It’s getting hot in here. This sweet and spicy grapefruit jalapeno margarita jelly shot might make you want to take off all your clothes. 
Naughty Nutel-Latte Pudding Shot: If being a chocoholic is bad then this chocolate latte flavored pudding shot topped with Nutella and chocolate chips makes it look so good.
Raspberry Rose Gin & Tonic Jello Shot: Love potion Number Nine! This G&T jelly shot muddled with rosewater-infused raspberries will have you start kissin’ everything in sight.


Each box contains 5 jars. 5% Alcohol by Volume - Must be 21+

Processed in a facility that uses gluten, nut and soy ingredients.

  • Lactose
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