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What happens when you put foodies with a passion for hiking in the same room together? Well, the first couple of hours they’ll be exchanging recipes and hiking locations – then they’ll start planning picnics… picnics everywhere…

Upicnic is the result of our love for food and the outdoors – it combines everything we want our legacy to be: spending time with our families and friends; enjoying Mother Nature in all its urban glory; creating delicious, organic food that celebrates our culinary diversity; and have fun playing sports outdoors.

Each one of us has a sweet-spot awarding us bragging rights in a discipline or other, while our talents and diverse backgrounds always bring something new to the table – both literally and figuratively - ultimately creating the ever-changing harmony-to-chaos magic of Upicnic.

Big Brain and Co-Founder
Alp "Alberto" Behar.

He's an adventurer - seriously, just be thankful he wasn't born during the gold rush years or he'd be ruling the world. And we'd all be glad to pay him taxes.

Everyone knows weekends are his outdoors playland time - don't bother trying to reach him, he's probably on a quintuple black Diamond somewhere. Unless it's Game of Thrones season, in which case, well... mulled wine all the way, baby.



He loves to stray off the beaten culinary path almost as much as hiking without a compass. And stop asking what he's cooking when he invites you to dinner; just make sure you don't eat for a couple of days prior. You can thank me later.



Don't start a conversation with him unless you have enough ram space to process a whirlwind of ideas. He'll come up with creative solutions, implementation strategies and a detailed roll-out plans before the barista is done making your extra-hot, no-foam, half-caf, should-you-even-be-drinking-it-if-it-has-pumpkin-in-it latte.



It was only a matter of time before his international business background came together with his spirit of adventure and passion for food to give birth to Upicnic. And now, methodically and steadily, he'll lead mankind to a brighter tomorrow - with picnics for all.



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Food Fairy and Co-Founder
Marta "Mama" Antonelli.

Absolute queen of the organized chaos realm, Marta is a Chef by trade - and a social media junkie at heart. Serial camper and recognized pro at going off the grid, her talents lie in creating mouthwatering treats as much as in cooking those treats in the most random of places, like, say, slow roasting a piglet in a hole in the ground.


Having grown up in a hunting family she is a professional omnivore and has difficulty understanding why you might feel bad eating bunny rabbits. Or porcupines. Or sparrows. Or literally anything that moves and is not a cat, a dog or human.


Depository of everyone's secrets, she is uncannily proficient at random conversations that span from metaphysics, to setting up a tent, to her hatred for snow or the best recipe for duck ragu'.


Her background in public relations, together with her love of writing – and a healthy dose of social media savvy - creates 140-characters literary masterpieces. Laced with irony and sarcasm, granted, but still masterpieces.  She has an opinion about everything, and don't tell her, but the woman is always right.


Balancing her compulsive need to feed everyone around her with a unique ability to get things done, she organizes everything and anything in half the time a cyborg would.

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Music Gene and Head of Entertainment
Temi "The Voice" Hason.

Out-of-the-box thinker? More like out of the galaxy – in a good way. She’s our reminder that creativity often comes from looking at things from a fresh, unexplored perspective. And that’s what she does best, generally wearing the brightest, most radiant of smiles.


Unchallenged music and entertainment genius, she runs on chocolate as much as on pomegranate lip balm. I mean, if you have to have an addiction to something, that’s not a bad way to go. Pinterest is there in the mix too, but let’s call that more like a source of inspiration, shall we?


Prone to breaking out in a choreographed rendition of Dean Martin’s “Volare” at any given time of day (or night), she loves and treasures her glorious (albeit massive) cello as much as most humans might cherish their cute little puppies. And while we absolutely adore any and all animals – it’s simply marvelous to have an office pet we don’t need to clean after.


Always bringing a positive outlook to everything we do, her spirit-animal is likely to be a Quokka - but beware: you might not want to criticize her cooking… or the fact that her dinners often look like your breakfasts. She’s a free spirit, but an unbelievably punctual one at that. Known to never having missed a deadline, she’s our living and breathing time management empress – and no, she’s not going to ever let you snooze. We’ve tried.

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First Advisor and Indoor Picnic Expert
Jo “the Guru” Singel.

Motivation star and chief mentor of the Upicnic team, Jo loves creative writing just as much as red wine and gluten-free treats.


Never having taken “no” for an answer in her entire life, Jo skillfully pushes all the right buttons to keep the team running smoothly. Brilliantly insightful and a firm believer in the “tough love” approach, she masterminds strategic solutions to all kinds of leadership, business development, and other first-world problems.


Describing Jo Singel is not easily done – and honestly, most of the time, unnecessary, because everybody who is anybody always knows who she is.


The long version would feature the endless list of Fortune 500 companies she has worked with creating all kinds of learning experiences in the areas of personal and professional mastery, leadership, and management development. But since all of that sounds way too corporate for our standards, the short version would feature her love of anything-brunch with eggs, avocado, and ricotta – along with her well established addiction to Washington Sq Park neighborhood.


Known to enjoy overcrowded indoor picnics spread across her living room rug, her true passion lies in her social impact leadership efforts, sparking the embers of leadership in all those who are lucky enough to cross paths with her. 

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Social Media and Marketing know-it-all
Danielle “Chill Pill” Chung.

Danielle is able to mastermind social media campaigns, while researching business data, while designing marketing materials, while catching up on Twitter, while buying anthropology books online. Our very own picnicking Kali goddess.


Master of the fine art of chillin’, she spends her days with one headphone on/one off, occasionally cursing at the absolutely inconsiderate people daring to unfollow her on Instagram. Always ready with fresh ideas and game-changing feedback, Danielle is an instinctive problem-solver with above-average attention to details and a healthy obsession with Grey’s Anatomy.   


Her visual expertise reigns supreme in both photo and video shoots where her ability to style products, scenes and backgrounds epically shines through.


True definition of “fat girl trapped in a skinny girl’s body”, our best advice is to constantly feed her inner foodie with chocolate, French fries, fruit loops, and an endless supply of iced coffee.

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